Key financial indicators Dec 31, 2017 Dec 31, 2018
ASSETS 304 350 2 151 564
EQUITY 46 564 694 265
REVENUES 102 497 391 601
EBITDA 56 951 316 262
All figures are in CZK thousand


The figures presented above are based on the consolidated balances sheet and the profit & loss statement of Českomoravská Nemovitostní, a real-estate holding, after checking up mutual receivables and debts between individual companies, reported shares and excluding mutual relationships. The consolidation has been carried out in compliance with the International Standard on Related Services applicable to approved procedures.

We would like to note that in the months to come, Czech-Moravian Properties a.s., our long-term partner, is going to be integrated into the ČMN holding. After this acquisition is completed, the consolidated balance sum should reach CZK 2.1 billion.