ČMN strengthens its team with experienced financial director Alice Augustová

Alice Augustová has been appointed to the position of financial director, a professional with almost thirty years of experience in the fields of finance and real estate. Her extensive expertise and profound professional knowledge will contribute to initiating the next phase of the company's growth and strengthening ČMN's position in the Czech real estate market.

Alice Augustová is a personality with outstanding managerial skills and a talent for building an inspirational and efficient team. Her deep knowledge in finance and the ability to make strategic decisions make her an invaluable part of our company, and I look forward to our mutual collaboration," says Radek Stacha, Chairman of the Board of ČMN.

Alice Augustová has had a rich career in the world of finance. For the past 17 years, she has served as the financial director of the multinational real estate group Atrium (now G-City), responsible for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Simultaneously, she held the position of director and board member of all companies within the group. Her role primarily involved ensuring economic stability and ensuring sustained profit growth.

In her new position as the financial director of Českomoravská Nemovitostní, Alice Augustová will play a key role in ensuring the financial health of the entire group and supporting its future growth. Her competencies will include managing financial processes, risk management, financial planning, and communication with external partners, including banks and auditors. She will also be responsible for reporting to the company's owners. "Českomoravská Nemovitostní is a dynamic and inspiring company that, in less than eight years of existence, has established itself among the largest owners of premium office buildings in Prague. Its plans for further development are very intriguing, and I am immensely looking forward to contributing to their realization," adds Alice Augustová.