The Investment Department of Českomoravská Nemovitostní is now headed by Jiří Šustr. Through new acquisitions, he plans to kick-start the company's further growth

Jiří Šustr, an experienced real estate market expert, has become the new Head of Investment and Transaction Department of Českomoravská Nemovitostí Group, having previously held the position of Investment and Transaction Manager in the Group. His goal will be to take advantage of the opening opportunities on the market and expand the company's portfolio through new acquisitions. The group has CZK 2 billion ready for new acquisitions this year.

As the new Head of Investment, Jiří Šustr is responsible for the efficient allocation of capital within the Group. He will be responsible for the operational and commercial aspects of all the Group's investment and divestment activities. He will continue to be actively involved in identifying and evaluating new investment opportunities and establishing business relationships. He will also be tasked with ensuring the staffing of the team, which is preparing new transactions after last year's hold-up. "Transaction activity in the office real estate segment was significantly lower in the second half of last year. The market was looking for a new price level after a significant change in interest rates. We now expect the situation to stabilise and a new, market-accepted price level to be found, which will give current owners of commercial buildings the necessary confidence to enter the market," explains Karel Bor, CEO of ČMN. "While in the first five years of its existence, the ČMN Group grew continuously and rapidly, the past year has been marked by stabilization. My main goal now will be to take advantage of the current market situation, to close acquisitions that will meet the expectations of both our and the selling party, and thus restart the company's growth," adds Jiří Šustr.

Šustr moved to the position of Head of Department after almost four years in the company. First, he worked as a transaction analyst for two years, then he was promoted to a managerial position and was responsible for the smooth running of the entrusted real estate transactions from the procedural and financial point of view. Before joining Českomoravská Nemovitostní, he worked for several years as a consultant in the transaction advisory department of EY, where he prepared financial due diligence for clients from investment funds and industrial companies. He graduated in finance from Masaryk University in Brno.