Quality is decisive in our projects, not quantity

In the commercial real estate segment, we prefer mainly office buildings, which we view as being the most consistent with regard to income generation. We aim for buildings in the largest cities as well as large national and multinational players, with whom we establish long-term partnerships.

The office building is situated on the edge of the Prague 4 office area overlooking the banks of the Vltava River and the hillside of Chuchelský háj on the opposite side. The Belárie tram stop (lines 3, 17, and 52) is right in front of the building, and two city bus stops are located nearby. The City Ring and Prague Ring are also easily accessible. The modern office building, which is the headquarters of Nestlé for the Czech and Slovak markets, was built in the former industrial complex of the Orion chocolate factory on Mezi Vodami Street in Modřany. The glazed office building, which has five above-ground and two underground floors, has roughly 10,000 m² of leasable areas. Nestlé Česko has been using it since 2006. In addition to the open space offices for 350 employees that opens up to a spacious atrium full of greenery, the facility also has a conference and training centre. The building also has a spacious outdoor terrace, a dining room for staff, a corporate shop and spaces for technical facilities.

Škofin is located on Pekařská Street in the western part of Prague. It has four above-ground floors and an area of almost 6,500 m2. The property, which was custom-built for the lessee, is in a convenient location that offers great transport accessibility. It has direct access to the motorway to Germany and to the Václav Havel Airport in Ruzyně, as well as a connection to the metro through the Nové Butovice station (line B) within walking distance.

The property is currently leased by a single lessee, namely Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS, formerly Škofin). VWFS is involved in concern brands such as Volkswagen (as mentioned in the name), Škoda, Seat and Audi.

Built in 1998, the building is located at Wenceslas Square No.62 and has 8 floors with the total flooring of 3115 square meters. The façade with unique technical parameters ensures excellent noise damping even when the building is situated in one of the busiest places in Prague. The building is easily accessible. Apart from direct connection to main highway and motorways, there are tram stations near the building as well as the underground station Museum.

Hospice Hvězda

Zlín, Malenovice
The total area of the building complex is over 2,634 m2, and it is where the Hvězda retirement home and non-state health institution is located. The buildings are located in the quiet Malenovice area in Zlín.

Office building

The office building, which has a total area of 3,224 m2, is situated on the square right in the centre of Vyškov. The building has three above-ground floors and one underground floor.

Experience of our team

Českomoravská Nemovitostní is led by people with experience from many projects in a wide range of areas, especially in the investor supervision role. Thanks to these projects, they have gained the good reputation and profound experience they now use to manage the company.


The building of a multifunctional hypermarket with a restaurant and a shopping passage located in the centre of Zlín on Tomáš Baťa Avenue. The building, which is situated on the banks of the Dřevnice River, has underground parking, including an outdoor reserve parking lot.


The building of a multifunctional shopping centre on the western outskirts of Ostrava, located at one of Ostrava's largest housing estates, the Dubina housing estate. Property with sheltered split-level parking on the 1st underground floor right next to a tram loop. The property includes a shopping passage and a restaurant.


Office building situated opposite to the Blansko railway station and right next to the supermarket and sports hall. Its shape resembles Wankel's internal combustion engine. The building has its own parking lot.


A shopping centre at an arterial road in Ostrava that is divided into 3 sections - a hobby market, a two-floor shopping passage and a hypermarket. The building has a sheltered parking lot and a large parking area behind the building towards the river, where natural tanks are built.


A commercial office building in the southern part of Brno next to an arterial road consisting of a hobby market area and a three-storey office building under government retail chain management. The property has an outdoor parking lot that is adjacent to the city's commercial zone.


A large hypermarket, including storage areas, sanitary facilities and technical rooms, installed in the reconstructed Vaňkovka building in the very centre of Brno.


It is a commercial food hypermarket with a shopping passage and restaurant located in the commercial zone of Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště. The construction also included a flood polder with a roundabout. The property has its own outdoor parking lot.


A commercial hypermarket unit, including technological facilities and sanitary facilities, installed in a shopping centre in the centre of Jihlava.


The first commercial retail building to be realized in the Slovak Republic. The property is located at the arterial road to the D1 motorway right next to the Tesco chain store and has its own parking lot.


It is a two-floor commercial retail building in Dunajská Streda located in a commercial zone towards Žilina. The property has an outdoor parking area and its own supply road.


It is the commercial building of hobby market with integrated outdoor sales that is located in the Liberec commercial shopping zone neighbouring the Globus shopping centre. The property has its own parking spaces in front of the building.


It is the large building of a furniture dealer combining two separate retailers located at the D2 motorway in the south of Brno opposite to the Olympia shopping centre with its own parking area.